GOP Christie Fails At Understanding California Evicted GOP--Romney/Ryan Inspired(?)!

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    Even on Los Angeles radio someone commented that Governor Christie had something in Tampa about California Governor, Jerry Brown. It of course is not clear that anyone could actually hear anything that Governor Christie said. The Republicans will try to get him anchored(?) for Tuesday night.

    What Governor Christie seems more inclined to favor is the Romney-Ryan-Aiken-Christie brand! California GOP is $450,000 in debt, and evicted--doing lots of lay-offs!

    Press Releases

    "Retread" Jerry Brown goes back to President Eisenhower, pro-public works, of the national transportation highway funding. The Germans had managed to create public works, of the major highway system--to be filled with VW's--even according to Hitler--after the War. Californians, Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown, and Senator Alan Cranston, were no strangers to public works spending. California would eventually learn about the Volkswagens. Now years later, Calfornia Governor, Jerry Brown: Will launch further public works, transport spending, in the Central Valley of Californa. Keeping California Green and Golden with spending money is back!

    So California, "Retread," Governor Jerry Brown: Is not of the Bankrupt, evicted, admired California Republican Party of the Romney-Ryan-Aiken-Christie brand! Actually, even Vice President Biden Got It Right. GOP is opposed to "Shovel Ready Jobs" in the USA, and famously, Ryan, is even opposed to all kinds of further spending! Anyone notes that easily includes having paying customers in stores.

    There is the Jerry Brown kind of Catholic of spending. Then there is the Rep. Ryan Catholic--opposed to spending. (Going To Get that jewelry, off of the Holy Father ASAP, and even really soon!0

    Governor Jerry Brown is putting together a tax-raising coalition to actually help avoid becoming like the California GOP: Which is described in the link.

    Likely even in the Great Cathedrals: There will be donations--or else--accepted!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Soon manybe Moody's upgrade California notes to Triple-A-plus!)

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