GOP appeal is what cost us the election. Not far right or moderate positions

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Grampa Murked U, Nov 7, 2012.

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    We had candidates from both spectrums lose soundly last night. Our problem as I stated last night is our narrow lack of appeal.

    A good example was during the primaries when Perry aspoused empathy for the children of latinos and was SOUNDLY told to stfu by the GOP with Romney leading the chorus.

    That position did more damage to our brand name than any other single issue. If we can't find a pathway to draw in more minority support we are fucked unless the dems screw up so bad that we become the only choice.

    Latinos and blacks live conservativism in their social and personal lives. We have to find a way to tap into that and bring them into the fold.

    Both parties have moderates and extremes but only one party has the broad base they need to win elections.

    Also we have got to mute these social issues. Gay marriage, abortion and like minded issues. Those issues don't belong on a federal level to begin with and we continually allow the left to beat us over the head with them.

    Times are changing and we are getting left behind because of our own stubborness.

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