God and Cowboy: Evil Prescription

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    This is a capitalism-lifestyle prescription offered by God and a mercenary-cowboy.

    God takes the form of a fictional video-game Sun God warrior named Kotal Kahn and our prototypical cowboy is a wandering mercenary of ruthless virtue named Erron Black.

    This 'prescription-parable' is inspired by Cowboys and Aliens.

    Ain't capitalism a thrill?




    KOTAL KAHN: Governance in capitalism requires an evaluation of lust...
    ERRON BLACK: Yes, Wall Street tycoons like to have beautiful maidens on their arms!
    KAHN: Lust promotes ruthless competitiveness.
    ERRON: Yes, it also creates envy and that catalyzes bloodlust.
    KAHN: People will do anything for beauty.
    ERRON: And sex.
    KAHN: Imagine our capitalism 'muse' is a gorgeous but evil mermaid.
    ERRON: A real siren! Why not double it --- twin sirens.
    KAHN: One is a redhead named Delilah; the other is a blonde named Angie.
    ERRON: Yes, I'll take Angie and you take Delilah (haha).
    KAHN: This is no time for jokes; both sirens symbolize moral frailty.
    ERRON: Yes, imagine then that Gordon Gekko has a painting of Delilah and Angie.
    KAHN: It's a $1 million painting, and Gekko can afford it.
    ERRON: Any of Gekko's guests who eye it are filled with envy...
    KAHN: Gekko knows everyone wishes Delilah and Angie are real!
    ERRON: A fundamentalist terrorist sees it and concludes capitalism is pure lust.

    Kahn and Erron realized that images of haunting beauty go hand-in-hand with the dizzying complexity of capitalism in modern civilization. Sure, we have the angelic Starbucks mermaid-logo on our coffee cups, but Delilah and Angie remind us there's a 'dark side' to all this fortune fantasy. Immigrants flock to America seeking fame and fortune and of course beautiful women. Does the Trump Administration understand this 'human humility' or does it simply dismiss such 'human folly' as humorous faces of the American Dream? That's the question!

    KAHN: The Gulf War was about petroleum and profitability.
    ERRON: There's a cool movie about that war called Three Kings (George Clooney)!
    KAHN: I like that movie...
    ERRON: Part of capitalism is narcotics-trafficking.
    KAHN: Drugs are highly profitable and also addictive.
    ERRON: What would Delilah and Angie say?
    KAHN: The AntiChrist is said to decapitate all who defy him.
    ERRON: So pine for Delilah and Angie...or lose your head/mind!
    KAHN: That's the curse of capitalism.
    ERRON: So where's the hope/idealism?
    KAHN: Well, we have the fun board-game Monopoly (Parker Brothers).
    ERRON: I like that game...
    KAHN: Americans need good medicine.
    ERRON: Perhaps Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is good medicine.
    KAHN: That's an entertaining game-show (and an international phenomenon!).

    Kahn and Erron concluded that capitalism requires much negotiation, evaluation, and yes, even meditation. Even though Erron Black was merely a philosophical cowboy, he was very perceptive about human vice. Even though Kotal Kahn was a manifestation of the over-watching ominous God of creation/genesis, he wanted to empathize with the plight and passions of everyday people and modern capitalists! Kahn and Erron realized they both agreed that the board-game Monopoly (Parker Brothers) reminded humanity of basic idealism towards capitalism-imagination. Could toys cure what cutthroat capitalism had perhaps destroyed --- the youthful factory? This was the Great Debate.


    {Delilah & Angie}


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