Gingrich pushes progressive friendly tax reform!

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    Under Gingrich’s version of tax reform the corporate tax rate would be reduced from 35 percent to 12.5 percent. Taxes on estates and on capital gains would end and corporations would be allowed to write off all of the costs of new equipment in one year. As to the individual working stiff, an option is allowed to file tax returns under a “flat tax” that has a lower tax rate but limits deductions.

    The biggest problem with Gingrich‘s tax reform, which is found in other Washington Establishment insider tax reform plans is, it is intentionally designed to keep alive the authority for Congress to lay and collect taxes calculated from profits, gains, salaries and other incomes. And this is important to note because the occupation of America by progressives began in 1913 with the adoption of the 16th Amendment and taxes calculated from “incomes” . Is it not a fact that this kind of tax provides a power under which progressives and RINOs alike are free to engage in countless abuses including the class warfare game which divides the nation’s people and is destroying America from within?

    The truth is, there are several fundamental objections to Gingrich’s tax plan, and they expose Mr. Gingrich for his un-American political philosophy. Let us look at some particulars.


    The first problem encountered with Mr. Gingrich’s flat tax on income is a working definition of “ taxable income”. The current definition of “taxable income” is both arbitrary and capriciously invented from day to day by those who hold political power. And this failure to provide a concrete definition of taxable income is an allowance to manipulate who is taxed and who is exempted from paying federal taxes which in turn invites corruption and abuse.


    Gingrich’s flat tax calculated from “income” ___ which apparently includes taxing the earnings of our working class members of society ___ is a tax under which government force punishes our productive members of society for every increase in their productivity, while it rewards the unproductive members of society by allowing them to escape shouldering an equal burden in supporting the functions of our federal government. Is this in the spirit of equal law, one of our nation‘s founding principles?

    Keep in mind there was a time in America when everyone was expected to shoulder an equal share in supporting the functions of government. A wonderful example of this principle is exhibited in the public laws of Maryland’s Dorchester County, under which all able bodied residents of the county above twenty and under fifty years of age were “compelled to labor two days at least in every year in repairing the roads of said county, with the privilege, however, of furnishing a substitute or paying to the road supervisors seventy-five cents for each day such person may be summoned to labor, the money thus paid to be expended in repairing the roads.”

    And the law went on to indicate that “anyone neglecting or refusing to perform such labor, or to provide a substitute, or to pay seventy-five cents per day for each and every day he may be summoned to work, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon trial and conviction before a Justice of the Peace, shall be fined seventy-five cents for each day`s delinquency and costs, and shall stand committed until the fine and costs are paid.”___ SEE SHORT vs. STATE OF MARYLAND, decided February 27th, 1895, upholding the law and not violating (a) the 13th or 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, or (b) the 40th section of Art. 3 of the Constitution of Maryland.

    And what is Gingrich’s standard? His proposal keeps the status quo, forcing the industrious members of society to finance Congress’ expenditures under a tax measured from productivity, while the taxes thus raised will be used to spread the wealth and buy votes from a privileged class - 45 % and more of our nation’s population who will pay no income taxes under the Gingrich plan.

    And this is why Mr. Gingrich’s tax reform plan is designed to keep alive Congress’ power to lay and collect taxes calculated from profits, gains, salaries and other “incomes”. His loyalty is to the progressive’s occupation of America and its enslavement of the American People via taxes on incomes. Mr. Gingrich is unwilling to end the progressive’s occupation of American which began in 1913 with the 16th Amendment and income taxes, which is the primary source of power the Washington Establishment uses to impose its will upon the American People and has been used to socialize America‘s once free market system.


    Gingrich’s tax reform plan also keeps the federal government's iron fist around the necks of America’s businesses and laboring class people [audits, record keeping, etc.] and with this extraordinary power is a weapon found to be used by the Washington Establishment to keep political foes in line.


    Finally, Gingrich’s tax reform plan in addition to its other faults also brazenly circumvents part of the Great Compromise made during the framing of our Constitution which commanded representation in Congress, but only with a proportional financial obligation! And it is this rule, the rule of apportioning any general tax laid among the States which is absent in Gingrich’s plan, and exposes it as a ruse to keep in tact the progressive’s source of power derived from taxes calculated from “incomes” without their being apportioned among the States!

    Bottom line is, there is no meaningful tax reform unless Congress’ power to lay and collect taxes calculated from profits, gains, salaries and other “incomes” is withdrawn, and Congress is once again required to raise its revenue from taxes on consumption, and any general tax laid among the States is required to be apportioned, i.e., here is real tax reform as expressed in 32 words:

    The Sixteenth Amendment is hereby repealed and Congress is henceforth forbidden to lay ``any`` tax or burden calculated from profits, gains, interest, salaries, wages, tips, inheritances or any other lawfully realized money

    These words, if added to our Constitution, would return us to a consumption based taxing system, our founding father’s ORIGINAL TAX PLAN as they intended it to operate! And, they would remove the evil power Congress now exercises which has socialized America‘s once free enterprise system while robbing the bread which working people have earned when selling the property each has in their labor! The words would also end Congress’ current love affair with class warfare, which it now uses to divide the people while plundering the wealth which America’s businesses and labor have produced.


    “…..with all these blessings, what more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people? Still one thing more, fellow-citizens—a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities“. Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address

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