GE, Intel Open Innovative New Lab In Israel

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    Haifa, ISRAEL - GE Healthcare, the healthcare division of General Electric and Intel Corporation announced today the creation of an evaluation lab in Israel in an effort to jointly test new technologies. The lab is located at the GE Healthcare premises in Tirat Carmel, in close proximity to the Intel R&D center in Haifa, with managers and employees from both companies leading the activities in the collaboration.The lab will focus on aligning and optimizing the companies' products, such as Intel's microprocessor technologies and products of GE Healthcare including ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems.

    "The long term objective of this collaboration is to scale these activities to other GE product areas and use the lab as a worldwide hub for all Intel technologies and expertise," said Michelle Tinsley, general manager of Intel's Intelligent Systems Group. "As leaders in our respective industries, Intel and GE Healthcare aim to bring truly innovative technologies to the medical imaging industry."

    As part of the collaboration, GE Healthcare and Intel will provide technology and expertise support. In addition, GE Healthcare will provide hosting and operational management for the facility.

    "This is an exciting collaboration between two global companies who are industry leaders in technology innovation," said Mike Harsh, GE Vice President and GE Healthcare Chief Technology Officer. "The hope is that this partnership between GE and Intel will lead to the development of affordable and advanced healthcare technologies that ultimately will bring better healthcare to more people around the world."
    GE Healthcare and Intel to Establish Companies’ First Technology Evaluation Lab in Israel

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