Gaza city council agrees to twin with Tripoli, Lebnanon

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    GAZA, (PIC)-- The Gaza municipal council has agreed to establish a ”twinning” relationship with Lebanon's second capital of Tripoli.

    The agreement is based on the historical, religious and social ties shared by the ancient towns as well as similarities in the landmarks.

    The mayors of Gaza and Tripoli are soon due to undersign and finalize the arrangement.

    Twinning agreements are aimed at promoting cultural and commercial ties between geographically or politically distinct cities.

    According to Tadmuri's proposal: ”The decision was in support of Gaza and was based on the close historical , geographical, religious and social ties between it and Tripoli, and the great similarity between the ancient cities and their archaeological possessions.”

    Gaza and Tripoli are both two of the oldest cities on the planet.


    Gaza city council agrees to twin with Tripoli, Lebnanon

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