Gays attack Churches and religious sites!

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    the holy war of pederasts against religious sites continue:

    Militant Homosexuals Attack Church Service in Michigan

    Moonbattery: Militant Homosexuals Attack Church Service in Michigan

    attacks on Christian and Mormon Churches from homosexual activists

    La Salette Journey: Homosexual Hate Movement: Transsexual strips naked and attacks priest during Mass

    angry homosexuals and lesbians stormed the Hamilton Square Baptist Church, of San Francisco

    Homosexuals in San Francisco Stage Riotous Protest at Local Baptist Church

    no one arrested of course

    Armed Lesbians Attack!!!
    Independent Gay Forum - Armed Lesbians Attack!!!
    the judeosupremacist Abe Foxman has invented the word "homophobia"!, and the kosher media spend a long time to expose homos as "innocents pigeons" and try to hide their attacks on believers.


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