Gabby, Can You Synthesize This?

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by Annie, Jul 3, 2005.

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    Into your view of soldiers? I mean their 'not having a clue to what they are being sent for?'

    You might wish to read more of his blog, just erase all that comes after .com

    The next is this:

    which is really worth reading.
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    So when did I say that? All soldiers know what they are getting into. They don't always respond with such overly romanticized views of war.
    My argument begins with the basic concept of soldiers being sent to Iraq to "defend our country." Which they are NOT. They are being dispatch to occupy another country. It is ridiculous to think Iraq could ever threaten us. Maybe China can threaten us. Or Russia.

    If you want to pull out the heroic images of John Wayne and Audie Murphy, that is fine with me. But that is not the modern era. It's more about Platoon and the overly fictionalized Blackhawk Down.

    American soldiers will always do what they are sent to do. Which is to follow orders. It is unfortunate that their commanding officers at the top no longer have their best interests in mind.

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