From Pantheism to Envro-theism

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    Hegallian philosophers quested for the perfect world and wanted to bring heaven to earth in order to bring about this utopia. One of the offshoots of this thinking was an idea called pantheism . It believed that God existed in universal totality and that totality was in nature and since man's collective thinking was a part of that totality then nature was man's connection to God.

    Now lets fast forward about two-hundred years and look at the environmental movements of today and compare them to natural pantheism. The modern environmental looks at nature as a holy thing much like natural panthiest did to nature which is why enviros think of protecting nature is more important than the interest of any person.

    Now this might sound unusual and 'conspiracy theory' but look at Time magazines description the movie Avatar. Avatar depicts a world of natives living in one with nature and is an environmentalist version of utopia and in the article he used the word 'enviro-theism' or natural god. In this case nature-god was not a single entity but a one that flowed in and out of the tribe's existence which is a throwback natural pantheistism outlook about the collectivness of man's spirit.

    He, Mr. Klein, being an friend of the left, thought it was a great idea to peddle God as green. Does this theory sound that strange?

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