Free Trade feeds the PRC military monster

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    Defense Industry publication from earlier this year;

    China’s Official Military Budget to Grow by 17.6% in 2008


    Aircraft carrier expected to be in service in 2010

    Likely two carriers, one purchased from Ukraine under the premise it was merely their new floating casino,


    Kuznetsov Class - Project 1143.5

    Seems somebody changed their mind. Instead of conversion it's being refitted for duty

    Reportedly there's also a clean sheet design in the works, so actually there are two carrier programs underway. The former Soviet Navy carrier for 2010 with the Chinese supercarrier(s) to follow;

    China to build 93,000-ton atomic-powered aircraft carrier: source : International : Home

    Since "Free Trade" has make the PRC rich it's a pretty logical course of action. I wonder if they'll use them for peacekeeping duty? Sooner or later the new world's superpower is going to be democratic, right? That was one of the "Free Trade" selling points..
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