Former death row inmate accused of kidnapping family

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    A man once sentenced to death for kidnapping and killing a taxi driver was accused of kidnapping a family in Gaston County on Saturday.

    Police say the family of four managed to escape when their alleged kidnapper stopped at a convenience store for gasoline and baby diapers.

    Jerry Douglas Case, the 52-year-old suspect, is in the hospital after a shootout with deputies and has not yet been charged.

    Police said the family – a father, his daughter and two other children – was kidnapped in Gaston County around 5 p.m. Friday and escaped 12 hours later at a Kangaroo gas station on the outskirts of Gaffney, S.C.

    The family has not been identified by authorities, and police haven't said where or how they were abducted. Officers also haven't said what happened during the 12 hours the family was held hostage.

    Early Saturday, with the kidnapper's attention diverted at the gas station, police say, his captives started the car and drove away. They stopped in Blacksburg, S.C. – about 10 miles northeast of Gaffney – and called 911.

    Former death row inmate accused of kidnapping family -

    read the full article..the guy has already killed one person...bringing them from tn to nc....and got off cause he was charged in nc with the murder but on appeals he gets off cause the murder was in tn...could people learn not to bring their shit to nc? we have enough shit of our own....and the police no problems with overkill....

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