Format Normandie's Failure to Bludgeon Russia to Betray the Slavs in the Donbass

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Alexandre Fedorovski, Dec 10, 2019.

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    Negotiations among President Putin, President Macron, President of Ukraine Zelensky and Chancellor Merkel ended in fiasco yesterday in Paris.

    The three presidents were not even able to hide their negative emotions during the press conference. President Putin remained absolutely calm, stubbornly writing something (or drawing ) in his notebook, as if nothing had happened.

    What did “far from the "holy" the "Trinity" want from Putin?” Not a lot - not a little - to stop military assistance to the self-proclaimed republics, thereby providing a blitzkrieg offensive of the Ukrainian forces( the Croatian scenario), followed by the physical extermination of the Russian-speaking population of Donbass by Western Ukrainian Nazis, supported by Germany, France, Canada, Poland, the USA.

    At a press conference, the issue of the murder of a “Georgian” in Berlin was was raised, which is attributed to the Russian special services.

    To this, Putin replied that, firstly, the victim was not a Georgian, and secondly, the bandit who fought on the side of the separatists in Chechnya and shot 93 prisoners of war in only one episode, and Russia was asking for his extradition for many years.

    Putin, as it were, sarcastically remarked that by the way that EVERYTHING happening in the South-East of Ukraine is an INTERNAL affair of Ukraine and Donbass, and not France and Germany.

    It is significant that when Putin mentioned the 93 executed by this militant, NONE of the three presidents even didn't try to portray something like sympathy, condolences or compassion...

    Well, of course, those 93 were SLAVES, not JEWS. We REMEMBER what reaction to the terrorist acts against Jews in Paris was ... They are remindig us about the unfortunate five or six million European Jews that American Jews had not let into the country as refugees, and who were left to the slaughter by German Nazi,each day.

    Two Jewish presidents and a German chancellor with Jewish roots should have acted a little bit differently in public. Especially when they are accustomed to hypocrisy so much.


    We must admit that Russia is a GEOPOLITICAL partner and we need to learn to speak in a different language with it, staying away threats and sanctions

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