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    For those of you who will attempt to say I am "for" or "against" some potential candidate, I will refer you to this post.

    Currently, my position on the declared candidates and any potential one is this:

    Obama: I cannot imagine his ever getting my vote. I think he is seriously misguided on how to run this country from the Oval Office. I think he is still too low on the obligatory learning curve for the job of POTUS. I smell way to much of an authoritarian bent to his views. I do not think he is as intelligent as some believe, but he is far from stupid. He is likely of well above average intelligence. I do respect the President, though, because he IS the President.

    I do not think he is evil. I do not think his motivations for doing what he does are evil in nature or even that he anti-American from his point of view. I just believe whole-heartedly that he is seriously misguided on the job. If I see something that changes my current opinion, and I am hoping for something to do so, I will seriously consider it.

    I don't have anything against him personally. Nothing at all, as a matter of fact. If I were to personally attack the President (of course, that is not a physical attack to ward off the random monitoring), the only thing I can muster up, and this is digging, is that I think he dances poorly. In fact, in one video where he was on the Ellen Degeneres show and dancing, he let slip out a few times a white man's overbite. That's the only personal "attack" I can think up for the President.

    For his wife, I think she is a fine woman. I question her sense of style from time to time, but I would imagine she would also question mine. Those are my only thoughts on her. I did question her infamous statement during the election, but she has qualified it and I believe her.

    Bachmann: At this point in time, she would not get my vote, either. I smell way too much of an authoritarian bent to her views. I do not think she is stupid because her CV is inconsistent with that conclusion. I agree with her fiscal responsibility views, but I have to balance them with that authoritarian bent and I am finding that hard to do.

    Her husband: I don't know that much about him, but I find the clinical psychology practice he runs to be silly and borderline charlatan. Regardless, he is not the candidate. If he says something to the public, then I will address that as it happens.

    Palin: She would not get my vote. She is an effective public figure and campaigner, but she would not be a good president. Other than that, I do not think she is evil, either.

    Other candidates: I don't know much about them yet, certainly not enough to comment at this point.

    If I were to pick a candidate of my choice at this point, I would lean toward Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton.

    But, I am definitely undecided and as such, I will try to find as much accuracy to the stories about candidates as I possibly can so that I can make as rational a decision as I can for the next presidential election. If some partisan finds my doing so to be a defense or an attack on their 'team member', I will refer them to this post so that I don't have to retype what I think is the obvious.

    Just so you know and for further reference.

    Oh, and I don't listen to ANY radio personality other than WTOP in the morning for traffic and weather on the 8s. I don't watch any pundit's show on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and/or Fox.

    If anyone else would like to make a reference post of their general position so that they can save themselves from the tedious task of having to repeat themselves so often, go for it.

    Mine's here and now I can just link to it. I like efficiency. :razz:
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