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    Don’t get me wrong here. It’s a good thing that female perverts in high places are finally being outed. However, there is a negative side in the form of acceptance: “First we abhor, then we tolerate, and lastly we embrace.” I suggest that legislating perversion is the final step in a nation of laws not men.

    You tell me which phase best describes today’s America?

    A devastating piece by Stella Paul should help answer the question. Ms. Paul exposes the Clintons and Huma Abedin —— wife of Anthony Weiner. (After reading the article I could not decide which is appropriate —— the Abedins, or the Weiners.)

    In practical terms if Hillary Clinton and the rest of the female degenerates popping up in government represents the future perhaps Muslims have it right? I’m not talking about Allah and 72 virgins in the next life, I’m talking about the way Islam treats women in this world.

    I have one question for all of those decent American women who think the Clintons and the Obamas are so wonderful: How would you like to be brutalized the way Muslim men brutalize their women in Islamic theocracies? In addition to female castrations, and stoning women to death in Muslim countries there is this:

    Keep electing Democrats and all of the brutality is coming to American women when American men have had enough of “women” like Hillary Clinton in positions of authority.

    NOTE: Considering Mama Obama’s loose morals it’s not hard to figure out what Hussein thinks about Caucasian women, yet his campaign strategy accuses white men of waging war against women. Hussein’s surrogates say Republicans, but that’s doublespeak for white Christian males. In truth, female perverts and degenerates are the only women Democrats defend. (No responses accusing me of being a racist for stating the obvious.)

    God willing, this final excerpt will come true even though the country will never see the end of Clinton puffery in the media:

    September 5, 2012
    Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony
    By Stella Paul

    Articles: Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony
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