fast and furious actually forcing trasnsparency

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tererun, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Obama said he was going to bring us more transparency, and he might have just laid a trap for the republicans to do it. Executive privilege was used by the past administration, along with reagan, clinton, and nixon to cover up a lot of their shady deals. It was the way they kept evidence from being used against their administration while they supplied arms to terrorists, funded hostile cartels to destabalize the middle east and south america, fucked around with drug dealing and also raised money to fight themselves in a never ending drug war, and generally did a lot of crooked underhanded things to benefit their friends. All of it covered up because we cannot threaten national security by exposing top secret plans, spies, and informants.

    Now people in the Obama administration fuck up selling a few firearms. Really, it is bad but nowhere near things like selling RPGs explosives, heavy military equipment, jets, and training foreign soldiers to use them. This is the stuff you can buy in a gun store, not the sort o military grade weapons the past administrations were selling to the very same people. All of a sudden the republicans see blood, but they cannot get any evidence because of the same wall they put up in the past when they made their deals.

    It was a great trap, and it has worked. The republican pundits can't keep their mouth shut about it, but the leaders of the party now what they use executive privilege to cover up. Now they either let Obama go and allow other democrats to hammer their people for not maing laws to end transparency they now Obama will sign into law, or they actually propose those laws and open up transparency for future generations. Obama could have never had the dems propose this sort of thing themselves. No he had to bait the republicans into attacking him with it on a relatively small thing and attempt to sacrifice holder for the greater good of making the republicans propose a law limiting executive privilege and opening up executive records for some sort of oversite and review.

    It may get fucked up, and the play may fail, but this shows obama is trying to make the things he promised happen. Now I wonder if his gamble with his healthcare bill works out.

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