Escalation in Afghanistan and Nixon Policy

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    Obama is being accused of being too Hooverish on employment. Due to globalization, destruction of unions, and the resultant exportation of a vast number of jobs due to advantages written into the tax code by our own Congress, who has betrayed us, especially during the last republican period, but in truth for 30 years, and Obama has yet to do anything to bring back the private sector, where they produce our jobs here.

    On Afghanistan, Obama is making a Nixonian mistake. He campaigned on getting us out, yet once in office he escalated, and ramped up the war, more, and more. His ego wouldn't let him get out, so he sent more and more American troops, and another 20,000 die. More troops sent, and more Chinese and Vietnamese rose up, and like so, in Afghanistan, people are flooding there from all over the region to fight Americans, to evict the invaders, the occupiers. But Obama, like Nixon, is unwilling to see past the bad advice his military leaders are giving him, and get us out of the quagmire, as they claim to need to get rid of the Taliban, and Al Quada. Yet, when they are pushed out of Afghanistan, there are 50 different countries they can be in, and have plenty of financial support to plan whatever they want, in retaliation for what we're doing, for capturing Iraq's oil, for attacking Afghanistan, for helping Israel to take Palestine, for instigating the coup in 1953, where we put a puppet leader in Iran.

    Understand, their attempts to strike back at us, are a minimal reaction to our massive intervention and manipulation of their region that has been going on for 45 years now, since WW2. Clearly, a big part of it is about oil, if not all of it.

    Obama needs to stop with Nixon's script, and get us out of yet another quagmire that will only bring increasing numbers of dead, and more massive debt. Anytime a republican say debt, a democrat should bring up the tremendous burden in Afghanistan, for what is going to be an eventual failure anyway, but with escalated CASUALTIES and DEBT.

    The things we need to do to make us more safe, will be done right here in the old U.S. of A. We all need to realize that we can not continue to get into wars without end, as we see the news each day, and we see our country falling apart, bridges falling into rivers, bad responses to hurricanes, water mains bursting, and massive numbers of jobs lost. We need to redirect some of that money into regular stimulus plans to put people to work. We need to stop following the examples of our worst presidents, and get on track with some of the good ones, FDR in particular, Eisenhower with his Interstate system, or even Nixon's time when he withdrew from Vietnam.

    More than anything, we need our Congress working for us. We need the congress to change the laws back to where it is cheaper to make things, and produce things here, and until we get that back, we need to take some of the massive money we spend waging war, and making enemies, on rebuilding our infrastructure to build and rebuild what we need here, rather than using what scarce resources we have to blow up, and tear down the rest of the world, to help American based, multinational oil companies.

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