ENSO may affect the current hurricane season:

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    ENSO will control the path, of hurricanes and tropical storms. This cane season is predicted, to be milder than usual, but we shall see what actually happens, as an El Nino is expected to take over, at the end of Summer 2012.

    El Niño-Southern Oscillation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Solar cycle 24 is predicted to max out, at 90 flares, which is the mildest cycle, since the one, which peaked in 1928.

    The Earth is heating up, cool solar cycle or not.

    Warming lands and waters are out-gassing CH4 and more CO2.

    Not only are we suffering through WARMING, but also CLIMATE CHANGE. The climate change is a function of the warming.

    What all this global warming means is climate will change. Since El Nino conditions are likely to prevail, the jet stream will tend to fend off Atlantic storms, during El Nino. But Sacramento, Ca. will tend to suffer warmer El Nino storms, their funky levees will fail, and Sacto will flood, with outlying communities. A Gulf hurricane, like Katrina may get forced right into NOLA or Houston.

    The El Nino effect is not a bane, against canes. Studies found only one quarter of El Nino seasons had more storms, than normal. That is not complete protection, but if global warming intensifies this, the East Coast could be free.

    But then along comes some La Nina. 2/3 of La Nina-affected seasons saw more Atlantic hurricanes make US landfall. Since storms will generally be more powerful, when an African hurricane does make US landfall, it will be on the order of Andrew.

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    ENSO Information

    Climate Prediction Center: ENSO Diagnostic Discussion

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