England not lone suckers!!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by akiboy, Jul 3, 2006.

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    I am really sad that England lost. But we managed well without Owen , Beckham ( Our main cross provider and who has a hand in 80% of England's goals ) , Rooney for 1 hour. We were really unlucky to go out. Portugal had Pauleta , C.Ronaldo , Maniche , Simao ,Figo and still couldnt beat the English defence.

    Coming to Fra vs Brazil. Brazil really sucked to the core!!!! ( OCA Plz read this )The so called quartet ( Ronaldo (slow and weird ) , Ronaldinho ( Well too overconfident.....It wasnt his day ) , Kaka( useless and his presence wasnt felt ) Adriano ( Didnt even get the ball ) . Cafu with his ageing legs coouldnt stop the french atack. The MAIN CULPRIT IS R.CARLOS WHO SHOULD HAVE MARKED HENRY BUT HE WAS JUS STANDING LIKE AN IDIOT WITH HIS HANDS ON HIS HIPS (HA HA!!) AND THEN THE BALL REACHED HENRY AND................GOAL!!!! Brazil were too overconfident , overhyped and too vain!!! History does repeat itself!!

    Cheers to Les Bleus , Zidane , Henry and Co!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go on France win the cup and wipe that smirk of Beckebaeur's face!!!!


    PS: Happy that Brazil also went out otherwise it would be a shame if only England went!!

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