Education of Presidents

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    1. Who was the first president to graduate from college?
    a) George Washington
    b) John Adams
    c) Andrew Jackson

    2. These days it's a pretty well-known fact that both Presidents Bush attended Yale. The only other father-and-son presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, also attended the same college. Which one?
    a) Harvard University
    b) Princeton University
    c) Stanford University

    3. Jimmy Carter graduated from
    a) Georgia State University
    b) Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College
    c) United States Naval Academy

    4. Where did Bill Clinton go for his undergraduate studies?
    a) Yale University
    b) Georgetown University
    c) University of Arkansas

    5. Many years after his college graduation in 1879, Woodrow Wilson became the president of his alma mater. What school did Wilson head before he entered into politics?
    a) Princeton University
    b) University of Pennsylvania
    c) Stanford University

    6. During college, Franklin Pierce became friends with Nathaniel Hawthorne. Where did the future president and the future author of The Scarlet Letter attend college?
    a) Bowdoin College
    b) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    c) Williams College

    7. John F. Kennedy graduated from Harvard, but he didn't begin his college studies there. Where did he begin his college career?
    a) Boston University
    b) Yale University
    c) Princeton University

    8. Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Tyler all attended the same college. What school was it?
    a) Connecticut College
    b) College of William and Mary
    c) University of Virginia

    9. Only two commanders in chief of the armed forces (a.k.a. presidents of the United States) have graduated from the United States Military Academy. Which two?
    a) Grant and Eisenhower
    b) Harding and Eisenhower
    c) Fillmore and Hayes

    10. Herbert Hoover was a member of the first class of what prominent university?
    a) University of California at Berkeley
    b) Stanford University
    c) Columbia University

    Answers: 1) B; 2) A; 3) C; 4) B; 5) A; 6) A; 7) C; 8) B; 9) A; 10) B

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