Bull Ring Economic Theory: Tehon v Natty C

Discussion in 'The Bull Ring' started by Natural Citizen, Aug 19, 2018.

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    Yes, there are minimal, useless, rights that are permitted.

    You can own property, for instance. That is until the collective needs that property. Right? To that extent, it is the collective that decides. The state, to be clear.

    Anyway. I've grown disinterested in this thread. The fact of the matter is I'm tired of having the same discussion over and over again. I've done it a hundred times, Tehon. The only reason I started it was because you were brave enough to tell me to bring it. I found that respectable because nobody ever has the stones to debate me one on one. Not unless they're drunk, anyway. But if you want, we can keep going. I hardly ever check this area, though. Not unless you quote me and I see the notification.

    Plus, you know, I actually like you, Tehin. Either that, or I destest the counterfeit nature of modern conservatism more. I'm leaning toward the latter. Maybe a mix of both. You're more respectful than many of them, that's for sure.

    I see so many people operating under the false perception that they are conservative who do more in service to socialism than actual socilists do. It seems to me that we're becoming socialist, not because of friends who identify as socialist, but becoming socialist at the hands of our friends who identify as conservative. But we wouldn't know it to hear them tell it.

    In the mean time, I'm going to start a new thread this evening. I'm gonna call it The Road To Socialism. I want you oin it, if you could. And bring your friends. Your socialist friends. I donlt want to debate them. Or you. I want your help for something. I want to light these so-called conservative fools up around here. I want to demonstrate preceisely who it is that's bring socialism to America. It's not the people who identify as socialist. Not at all.It seems to me that the people screaming against socialism are the ones bringing it.

    I'm still your political enemy. Though, not your personal enemy. But even political enemies can work together. I want to light em up, Tehon, these socialists who are so foolish to think they're operating in a conservative manner. Like the fourth of July.

    If you want to keep going here, fine, just respond to the first couple of sentences in this posting ansd we can keep going.
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    There is no need to continue, Natural Citizen. We're cool. I appreciate you honoring your word by starting this thread. Until we meet again. :beer:

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