Economic Inequality = Political Inequality

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    If voter participation is the best means for measuring civic and political engagement, what does it say about political equality in the US when voters whose income is in the top 20% experience a nearly 100% turn-out while voters in the bottom group participate at less than a three-quarters rate?

    It means the principle that says each person carries equal weight in the conduct of public business in the US is being crucified on a cross of gold:

    "And that something (that depresses voter turnout) is income inequality, as a new report from the OECD on the Better Life Index shows. Of the thirty-four countries included in the report, the U.S. ranks second to last in social inequality, bested only by South Korea.

    "When it comes to income inequality we are at the extreme end of the scale, with levels similar to those of Cameroon, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Nepal and Uganda."

    Income Inequality Keeps Poorer Americans Away from the Polls | The Nation

    Twenty-eight percent fewer voters among the bottom quintile will bother casting a vote next November because they know the 1% have already decided the outcome in their favor.

    Something that will never change by "choosing" between Republican OR Democrat in the voting booth.

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