Eco-Leaves: TrumpUSA Fanzines(?)

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    Is modern media and industry truly intellectually-inspiring?

    This parable was inspired by The Hudsucker Proxy and eco-fanzines.




    Americans cared about Squirrel-Girl (Marvel Comics) and the Cleveland Browns (NFL) football-team mascot (a brown-colored eccentric elf!). Both of these 'primalism-avatars' symbolized new age flowery regarding humanity's magnetic fascination with earthen-colors and hence eco-imagination(!). An idealistic Internet-blogger named Ajay decided to start blogging a series of pro-eco posts which he called Eco-Leaves and it was an Internet soapbox which won Ajay the Nobel Peace Prize. Ajay wrote things like, "Eco-consciousness in the new world facilitates more variegated creativity, which is never counter-productive for a vital democracy such as America."


    Ajay recruited American celebrity Tom Cruise, star of culturally-symbolic films such as Rain Man, Minority Report, and Edge of Tomorrow. Ajay wanted to work with Cruise who was an outspoken media-spokesperson for the Church of Scientology. Since Scientology/Dianetics was becoming modernism avant-garde sociology (and arguably metaphysics!), Ajay believed he and Cruise would cooperate on special media-engaged populism-oriented political activism/passion. What would Scientologists say about toxic-waste and biochemical warfare and eco-pollution? Ajay (dressed as a 'pro-democracy crusader' to counter the anti-capitalism sentiments posed by new age terrorist groups) believed consumerism/media was a platform for true eco-oriented free-speech, and he liked how Cruise's films captured a general sociocultural fascination with 'GQ aesthetics.' The two formed an unlikely 'microphone-partnership.'


    Ajay drew a very rough and basic Squirrel-Girl (Marvel Comics) childlike stick-figure doodle, and Tom Cruise started talking about 'Americana NFL teams' being paraded for beneficial media-catalysed 'social etiquette' flowery (e.g., ESPN). Ajay drew Squirrel-Girl, and Cruise (star of the sports-culture and media-capitalism pensive American film Jerry Film about an ethics-challenged modern era sports-agent) considered why he should talk about why his Church of Scientology should advocate American merchandising for NFL teams like the Cleveland Browns. Ajay was left, and Cruise was right. They were the ultimate duo (for media chatter and democratic-glitter).


    Ajay was also thinking about the alienation and nihilism consciousness presented in Danny Boyle's primalism-film The Beach, a testament of the modern spiritual backlash urging man to retreat back into the jungle (amidst all this consumerism craziness and Wall Street politics). In Boyle's unusual film, American actor Leo DiCaprio portrays a very pensive American traveller/tourist named Richard who discovers the esoteric (and eerie!) heart of darkness while meditating on the metaphysical 'sanity' of isolationism as a response to modernism claustrophobia (e.g., anti-industrialization paranoia). Ajay wanted to debate with Leo and Cruise about new age relevant media-intrigue issues such as eco-terrorism and Edward Abbey's radical novel The Monkey-Wrench Gang.


    AJAY: I'm glad we were able to convene in this Internet chat-room.
    CRUISE: We're using safe Internet-aliases, so we'll be fine...
    LEO: Thanks for this interest in eco-consciousness.

    AJAY: What do you think about bottled-water?
    CRUISE: It's better than drinking dirty water!
    LEO: It's a necessary invention...

    AJAY: Will global warming affect New England autumn leaves-colorization?
    CRUISE: Yes, some eco-paranoid claim that's a possibility, and it's strange(!).
    LEO: We don't want industrialization to turn the Earth into something...grey.

    AJAY: No; we like blue skies and green forests; we inspire nature celebrations.
    CRUISE: We don't want drug-addiction, chemical warfare, and capitalism-cynicism.
    LEO: Could America engender dark cities?

    AJAY: Many new age writers claim that industrialization is an evil machine.
    CRUISE: That's Orwellian rhetoric; not necessarily an education-obstacle.
    LEO: I'm a fan of Facebook-culture as long as it doesn't create sloth.

    AJAY: Yeah, countless people mindlessly staring at smartphone Facebook pages is eerie.
    CRUISE: Industrialization is, by definition, somewhat 'monotonous.'
    LEO: Let's color everything up with Captain Planet (a fictional eco-warrior).

    AJAY: In The Beach, you portrayed anti-social philosophy relevant to modernism, Leo!
    CRUISE: Yes, your character --- Richard --- was a lot like Conrad's alienated-soldier Kurtz.
    LEO: I prefer Marlon Brando's 'rendition' of Kurtz in Coppola's Apocalypse Now(!).

    AJAY: Would you say (Leo) that Richard symbolizes 'anti-modernism spiritualism'?
    CRUISE: Would you agree that Richard represents fascism-paranoia?
    LEO: I think Richard is like the Hindu god Shiva (meditator on destruction).

    AJAY: I can see that; after all, Shiva is a 'totem' of primalism-stubbornness.
    CRUISE: If the autumn-leaves change color unnaturally, I'll conclude Earth is polarized(!).
    LEO: Shiva and element-strength themed comic book avatars like Magneto save brain-waves.


    After Ajay, Cruise, and Leo parted ways, Leo continued to work with his eco-activism group The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to work with the modern danger of mishandles toxic-waste, which was a threat to humanity and inspired new age paranoia-films like The Toxic Avenger. Cruise continued to cheer for the Cleveland Browns (NFL) and urge people to consider how populism-friendly religious groups such as the Church of Scientology advocated pluralism and democracy engaged eco-creativity. Ajay began writing a book called The Toxic Decameron.


    GOD: I'm very impressed with Ajay Satan.
    SATAN: He hung with Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio about media-diplomacy.
    GOD: Yes, it's a challenge engaging media-idols in socially-conscious activities.
    SATAN: Cruise and DiCaprio are 'super-celebrities.'
    GOD: Aren't they? They're like comic book characters(!).
    SATAN: Maybe Ajay will write a book about Squirrel-Girl and toxic-waste.
    GOD: He seems to be interested in the 'polarities of eco-consciousness.'
    SATAN: He's a big fan of Edward Abbey.
    GOD: I heard he might teach a course at Yale University titled Thoreau's Power-Planet.
    SATAN: Thoreau and Emerson will never go 'out of style.'
    GOD: The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is a lighthouse for media-passion.
    SATAN: Eco-politics is always tricky.
    GOD: That's why the eco-terrorist comic book anti-heroine Poison Ivy is popular.
    SATAN: Poison Ivy is an invention of DC Comics.
    GOD: She was featured in the American comic book film Batman and Robin!
    SATAN: Who's the stronger media-diplomat --- Ajay, Cruise, or Leo?
    GOD: They're unique in their own way, so maybe a little competition will promote interest.
    SATAN: Media is like a new age toy.
    GOD: Let's play with great care.
    SATAN: I can't wait for the pornography-debates to really become formal...




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