Duncan lied about Texas education data/stats

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    It interesting at least to me the rush is on by those who oppose Perry to make Texas out to be…well, equated with, a blue state Urban center ( hows that for red meat?:lol:).

    If you are going to attack someone, or send out your minions in the form of a cabinet member position, to bash a prospective opponent, at least make an honest attempt, even at a blindfolded stab at some facts.

    The attack on Perrys tenure in Texas and Texas education schooling, is a case and point.

    No less than the sec of education for the Obama admin. went out of his way to , well, lie, No, imho, he cannot be excused; as the nations no. 1 education official from misspeaking on a topic whose subject matter is literally at his fingertips.

    Perry isn't bullet proof and I am not even sure I would vote for him, but if you are going to take him to task, I don’t think its to much to ask that its supported by some measure of fact.

    Robert Scott calls out Arne Duncan (with good reason)

    Rodger Jones/Editorial Writer
    5:58 PM on Fri., Aug. 19, 2011 |


    The tipoff that Duncan doesn’t care about facts was his statement about “massive increases in class size in Texas” during Rick Perry’s time in the governor’s office. …

    I checked TEA records on statewide class size averages. Primary grades held steady, of course, while most secondary class averages went down during the Perry years.

    Examples: Secondary math classes averaged 20.3 students in 2000-01 and dropped to 18.5 by last year. Average size of secondary English/language arts classes fell from 20.2 students in 2000-01 to 17.8 by last year.

    Anybody could look this stuff up. It’s right there on the TEA website. Duncan surely has a few thousand employees who could help him find it.


    – In 2009, Texas ranked 7th in a 26 state comparison of the only states reporting four-year on-time graduation rates. That year Texas’ on-time graduation rate was 80.6%. The Texas on-time graduation rate for 2010 is now 84.3%, an amazing 3.7 percentage point increase in a single year on the dropout indicator that you are now requiring all states to report to the Department.

    – Texas is ranked 13th in Ed Week’s Quality Counts report. Quality Counts gave Texas an “A” in “Standards, Assessment and Accountability,” and an “A” in “Transitions and Alignment” of the Texas system with college and career readiness. This year’s graduating class is the first to graduate under Texas’ required 4×4 graduation requirements (four years of math, science, English language arts and social studies) and we are already seeing great things from the class of 2011.

    – The Texas class of 2011 posted a record-high math score on the ACT college entrance exam. The Texas average math score was 21.5 and was higher than the national average of 21.1. ACT scores from 2007 to 2011 showed increases in all four subjects.

    – The 2009 NAEP Science results were impressive, as well. Texas’ African American eighth-grade students earned the highest score in the nation and our Hispanic eighth-grade students were eighth. Only eighth-grade students attending the Department of Defense schools scored higher than Texas’ white students who were tied with white students in Massachusetts. On the fourth-grade test, Texas’ African American students out-performed their peers in every state accept Virginia and those students attending Department of Defense Schools. Texas’ fourth-grade white students were ranked third behind only Virginia and Massachusetts.

    more at-

    Robert Scott calls out Arne Duncan (with good reason) | Opinion Blog | dallasnews.com

    and big hat tip- Hot Air.com.

    oh and IS Duncans admin. of the Illinois school system as good as Perrys admin. of the Texas school system as Gov.?

    go look it up...;)

    naaaah, here ya go;

    Arne Duncan Can't Quite Explain Why He's Dissing Texas
    By Andrew J. Rotherham Friday, Aug. 19, 201


    Overall, Texas students scored right around the national averages in reading and math on the NAEP. And according to an Aug. 17 report by the group that administers the ACT college-admissions exam, Texas high school graduates only narrowly trail national averages for college readiness. True, the national averages aren't great, but Texas is right there with the pack. So why is Duncan dissing the Lone Star State? Its minority students outperform minority students in Chicago, albeit by smaller margins. And with a high school graduation rate of about 73%, Texas may be slightly below the national average, but it's doing a lot better than Chicago, which only graduates about 56% of its students.

    more at-

    Read more: Why Arne Duncan Shouldn't Really Be Dissing Texas Schools - TIME
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    Thanks for sharing the Time article, which I'd read recently, and thought it odd a mildly liberal magazine would notice the futile projection of a liberal educator against a conservative competitor for his boss's job. (projection being in this case translating his own failures onto an innocent bystander as a political communications gimmick to horrify voters)

    I guess the facts overwhelmed someone who knew Texas produces quality scholars.

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