Double-head eagle as prototype of Russian govt

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    It will be better to create two opposite political parties headed by incumbent President Medvedev for one and PM Putin – for another. This model bases on American Republicans-Democrats system could be applied on Russian frozen political landscape.
    This idea was expressed by By Alexander Rahr in his article “Will Putin-Medvedev tandem prompt two-party system?” published on the

    "Russia has two different modernization strategies, one is liberal and the other is rather authoritarian; they do not contradict each other and are being implemented in parallel.

    Medvedev is playing a liberal politician, while Putin is a more conservative leader. These two attitudes are reflected in Russia’s foreign policy.

    Medvedev is focused on building ties with the West and does not favor a rapprochement with China. Putin, by contrast, is trying to put the brakes on Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization. Neither does he support broad-ranging liberal reforms in Russia. He keeps his trump card – China – at the ready, so as to be able to adjust this western-looking foreign policy if it doesn’t benefit Russia. The two different strategies are by no means mutually exclusive, but that said, they do sometimes clash."
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