Does Anyone Believe Barack's Tax Cuts For 95%

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mcmick, Oct 18, 2008.

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    By now, millions know that this so called "tax cut for 95%", does not mean that 95% of those who pay income taxes, will have those taxes reduced.

    Bill Clinton promised middle class tax cuts, but his buttox had hardly touched his chair, when he raised taxes in 6 areas, including, on several million social security recipients.

    In very large measure, Barack's plan will give money to those who have paid no income taxes, because of "means testing", by which all welfare payments are measured.

    Your income is a certain amount, you read a tax table created by bureaucrats, you arrive at line such and such and presto, you get someone else's daily earnings--it's magic.

    Already, in the case of the badly misnamed Earned Income Tax Credit (should be Unearned Income Tax Credit) no one has actually ever earned 1 penny through this redistribution abomination, maximum recipients in 2007, received $4700 plus.

    They also get an automatic yearly increase, the same way people who have earned pensions, by working all their lives.

    These individuals, like all of us, have to have a job

    Barack's proposed plan might be worse.

    Barack wants to give a $500 "credit". Credits at one time, reduced income taxes, actually paid.

    Under this plan it means "we will give you"

    I haven't seen it stated anywhere that Barack will require a job or earnings as is the case with the Unearned Income Tax Credit.

    If Barack is elected president, no one who pays any substantial amount of "net taxes" will be paying less at the end of 4 years.

    Just like under Bill Clinton, practically everyone who pays "net taxes" will pay more, and everyone receiving some form of welfare will increase those goodies.

    Bet on it!

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