Document Release in Laurean Case - Maria Lauterbach Murder

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    Some Documents Released in Laurean Case

    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - 06:49 PM

    By Philip Jones
    Eyewitness News 9

    We have new information tonight, in the Cesar Laurean case. Hundreds of pages of search warrants, affidavits and other court documents were released this afternoon. They all have something to do with the manhunt for Laurean, after the murder of Maria Lauterbach. It's 200 pages worth of documents that offer more detail into how investigators tracked down Laurean before he was caught in Mexico on April 10th after three months on the run. He fled from his home here in Jacksonville on January 11th just hours before investigators found Lauterbach's body in his backyard. And these warrants show he was in contact with his wife virtually from the time he left, until the time they caught him.

    Pages upon pages of warrants, subpoenas, affidavits and other documents released Wednesday afternoon detail who Cesar Laurean communicated with and the websites he visited while on the run in Mexico. Many of the documents center on the communication between Cesar and his wife, Christina, whose face is blurred in these photos. They say that Christina and her sister, Amber Emrick, communicated with Cesar through yahoo email accounts and on myspace. In fact, affidavits show Christina told investigators during an interview in March that she knew Cesar was staying on a ranch in Guadalajara. Cesar also accessed their bank accounts online, including one Christina set up after he fled.

    Search warrants show investigators thought they had probable cause to charge Christina and Amber with obstruction of justice and accessory to murder after the fact, but Sheriff's Office Captain Rick Sutherland says once the warrants were served and things like computers and cell phone records were recovered; investigators found that wasn't the case.

    "What we found was that when he requested money or equipment from them, they replied to him that they could not provide that to him because it was illegal and they didn't want to get in trouble. So that information substantiated that it was not chargeable, once we got the results back from the search warrants," Sutherland said.

    Sutherland says there is no evidence to suggest that Christina ever transferred money to Cesar. Through information from Christina and by tracking the websites that Cesar visited, investigators were eventually able to track him down. And if it seems like his time on the run was planned out before he took off, Sutherland says it was.

    "There is some indication that there was some contingency planning for if and when law enforcement did become heavily involved," Sutherland said.

    These warrants also detail things investigators found while searching Cesar Lauren’s home, his backyard and his truck. Captain Sutherland says he believes all the evidence points back to Cesar Laurean and back to their theory that he murdered Maria Lauterbach in his garage back in December. Lauterbach had accused Cesar of raping her but the warrants didn't shed any new light on any sort of motive in the case, or what may have led up to Maria Lauterbach's death.

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