Did the First Thanksgiving give us Indentured Servants

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    There is a tread talking about the glory of private property of the Mayflower crossing of 1620 of 103 people with only 53 that lived past the first year. Oh the GLORY OF GOD to come to the NEW WORLD to be landowners of whatever we land we can fine. Just reminds me we should get on a boat and settle Antarctica so we can be landowners.
    With the Mayflower settlers that did live past the first year and the next wave of settlers were in theory freemen that got the first spoils of the land of the Plymouth Colony. Some will call this free enterprise as they own the land and controlled the political nature of the settlement as they were landowners and was able to vote because they were landowners.

    With the next wave of settlers that came, not all of them that came to the Plymouth Colony were rich. In fact, most signed a contract in England and came to America as Indentured Servants with a fixed time period to work for their master. Under the contract, they worked for free as they are paying back for the cost of the voyage to America. The master, only had to pay for the food, shelter and clothing of their servant.
    Have a question, what is the difference with a Plymouth Colony era Indentured Servant and Illegal Aliens both working on a farm? Ahh, FREE ENTERPRISE!

    Anyway, if you were a freeman that did pay for the Voyage to America but do not have the money to purchase land in Plymouth Colony. Would not being a freeman have depressed wages because the Indentured Servants were working to pay off a voyage and only gets food, clothing and shelter. Can someone tell me, how can a freeman make enough money to purchase land.

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