"Devoted Father" Demo Candidate for the MO. House Of Rep. Is A Dead-Beat Dad

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    A St. Louis politician, whose ads promoting his campaign for the state house describe him as a "devoted father," owes more than $7,000 past due child support payments.

    The past due support came to light last week, when the mother of the children wrote letters to reporters, complaining about the lack of payment, and asking something be done.

    The politician is Talibdin El-Amin, currently a ward committeeman in the City of St. Louis, but is running for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 57th District.

    His wife, Yaphett El-Amin, currently holds that spot, but hopes to move up to a Missouri Senate seat, and he hopes to fill her old job.

    His campaign signs are all over the district. While mentioning his fatherhood, and his home ownership, there's no mention of his two children to whom he owes child support.

    The children, 13 and 11, are the children of Antonnia Washington, who had a long-term relationship in years past with Talibdin El-Amin. Washington knew El-Amin as Mark Bastain, and their two children carry that last name.

    Last June, El-Amin was $10,000 in arrears to Washington. Currently, he owes her more than $7,000. El-Amin did not want to talk Tuesday about the past due amount, but says he'll be available for interviews on Wednesday.

    Washington says she's struggled during the years because of the past due amounts, but she's always been able to care for the kids as a single mother. Washington says she's upset that El-Amin took out a bank loan to help fund Yaphett El-Amin's race for the Missouri Senate, but can't afford to pay the support.

    Washington wrote a letter in April, sending it out to a group of journalists and elected officials, asking them to help her in her fight to get the support money.

    Yaphett El-Amin declined an interview, but tried to halt the story entirely, calling news executives at NewsChannel 5, to get the story put on hold.

    While El-Amin was telling reporter Mike Owens about the calls to his bosses, a process server came to El-Amin's campaign headquarters. The papers he served were not clearly marked, but a close up of the video indicated they came from the St. Louis County Family Court, the same court where Talibdin El-Amin has his support case.


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