Democrats Already Out Front In Small Business Relief!

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    While the Bush Administration was becoming world-famous for hunting trips intended to surprise their lobbyist friends, and then bailing out the largest of the nation's financial-based institutions: Small Business was not only finding no credit, it also not paying back the credit that it had.

    The Bush Administration would later try to solve this, post-TARP, in the waning, Bunker-Days: Not by marrying a German-hooker, but by trying to order banks to lend(?)(!). Senator John McCain had been able to campaign on how strong the economy really was. It was easily expected that it would just get back to following orders, as usual--and that Sarah Palin would stop staring at Russia, from the front porch--Hoping for a glimpse of Vladimir Putin--on horseback.

    So much for GOP Stimulus-efforts, hunting trips included. No one would have to follow along the GOP business as usual, anymore.

    Now post-Democratic Stimulus package--and all the other triggers that all got pulled(?): Within a year the small-business credit-market is expected to be back to usual.

    Credit and Loans - Small Business Loan Defaults Fall, First Time in 2 Years - CNBC

    So the Obama Administration, small business recovery, is already underway. Loan Defaults are Down, timliness is UP, and credit availability is on the increase. Soon, even a Toyota dealer: May be able to Get A Payday loan advance.

    It costs a little more, but no collateral is needed. There will even be credit available--to fit the new small business plans.

    That probably makes sense in an Obama Administration.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (China already seems to think that it makes sense in an Obama Administration!)
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