Democracy, religion, women and equality. Justice demands affirmative action.

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    Democracy, religion, women and equality. Justice demands affirmative action.

    Democracy, Religion and Secularism all talks a great line of freedom and equality for all. Our Western democracies and Religions preach this wonderful line; while at the same time forcing our women to walk behind our men and denying women true equality. True democracy and religions are then a sham. We have no working model, political or religious with true equality. We all contribute to this hypocrisy.

    We point the finger at the East and their lack of equality with scorn, as we should; while ignoring the fact that we in the West are not doing as we preach or walking our talk. We men have yet to give our women the justice and equality they deserve. Our women have also been delinquent in their social duty by not being more forceful in their demands for equality and justice. Women lead the list of those that have historically been oppressed, thanks mainly to religions, and democracies and religions needs to acknowledge this real fact. They must enact affirmative action to be seen as working toward a truly just society.

    It is time for men and women to recognize that what women have suffered enough discrimination and denigration without just cause long enough. We as societies have enacted affirmative action laws for the oppressed before. I think we should admit to the fact we have truly oppressed women and initiate new laws to move equality for women at a faster pace.

    Both men and women have ignored basic social justice and we should all be ashamed of ourselves. You will feel this shame if you, male or female, have an ounce of social responsibility. We have a duty not only to ourselves but also to the coming generations.

    Justice delayed is justice denied. Justice demands that we act and our women and female children are crying out for equality.

    Affirmative action for women should be placed higher our social justice agendas. Both at the political level and religious level.

    Do you agree?


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