Dem Takeaway 2010, Keys to success in 2012

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CrusaderFrank, Nov 3, 2010.

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    While the 60+ seat change of ownership in the House may be a wake up call to some, I think it's important that Dems not panic and stay with their strengths for the next 2 years.

    Where they did good:

    1. Delaware Senate. Won by a Bearded Marxist! The Tea Party got stomped, annihilated destroyed! THe lesso here is that Dems find and run more candidates with Marxist leanings and flirtations. Maybe Van Jones for Senate?

    2. Harry Reid. Nevada Senate. Smelly tourists, a Lost War and Unions forcing employees to vote Dem all play to Dem Strengths.

    3. ObamaCare. Why take half steps! Go for Single Payer!

    4. Unemployment. It's only 10% FDR doubled that and was Great! Run on "we're half as Great as FDR" in 2012

    Remember, Marxism, unemployment and Voter Fraud. they are they keys to success in 2012
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