Values' Popular Movement: after 2004 Win +2008 Theft, time for 2010-2012 Victories ?!

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    Values' driven Popular Movement, after emerging back in 2000, helped win the 2004 US Presidential Vote by GOP's GWBush, and succeeded to launch a Front-runner GOP presidential hopeful candidate on 2007-2008 primaries : Governor Mike Huckabee, but was frustrated from a possible final win by some sly Bureaucratic manoevers of a doomed, old Establishment, which favored another candidate, becoming responsible for an electoral GOP catastrophe, exploited by Dems' Obama. Governor Sharah Palin's impressive but hasty emergence, at the last minute, wasn't enough to change things then, but widened the road opened by Governor Huckabee towards a possible better Future.

    Now, various fresh Popular moves at the eve of November 2010 Mid-term Congres/Senate Elections clearly reveal a hope and meet the vital need to rectify the 2008 mistake (See above) by stimulating a necessary Renewal for a Double 2010-2012 revitalized GOP Win, based mainly on the grassroots values' driven Popular Movement.

    In particular :

    Simple, hard working American People, mainly motivated by elementary Moral Values, notoriously were the Winning Factor behind the 2004 US Presidential Election's surprise, when a last-minute rush by more than 3 Millions of Voters gave GOP's GWBush a chance to keep longer his 2000's promise to saveguard Human Embryo from Federal Funds-supported Genetic Manipulations dangerous for all Humankind, prove throughout 2005-2009 that without deadly provocations there was not even one more War, anywhere in the World, to be stirred by the US, that Euro-American and generally most International relations can go much better and even become Friendly and cooperative, etc.

    Popular Values' movement supported Governor Mike Huckabee was the only Charismatic Personality revealed on 2007-2008 among GOP Candidates able to face Obama, rich of many Hundreds of Millions $ paid by various Lobbies to Dems' candidate, contrary to Huckabee's surprising popular success without practically spending a dime.. But People's candidate was undermined, and his well deserved win, in fact, stolen at the last minute, by a series of Bureacratic Dirty Tricks prepared and abused by an old, fishy Establishment which fagocytated the GOP (around controversial Giuliani, and other culprits of the "Big Tuesday" sly, antidemocratic traps, censorship and muzzling of Mike's supporters even on the net, etc) , inevitably condemning to an undeserved Electoral loss, profitable to DP's Obama.

    But, Hopes for a necessary 2010-2012 Change are based the Memory of the 2004 winning fast popular move, on Huckabee's astonishingly rising popularity from 2007-2008, added to Sarah Palin's spectacular booming effect on Polls when her name was initially anounced on September 2008 as a vice-presidential candidate, and to "Tea Party"'s currently rising movement in 2010 , as well as other recent facts, as well as some DEM 's errors in 2009-2010's hard times :

    - Obama had notoriously been elected mainly under the recipe : - "Change you can believe in"...

    But, almost 3 Years later, in fact, the only Real "Changes" People saw, were :

    > Authorisation of Federal Funding for Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, dangerous for all Humankind. Waste Taxpayers Money for UnEthical and Dangerous acts of no proven utility is contrary to People's choices.

    > A Deadly Virus, starting somewehere around California's Mexican borders, threatening at first the USA, and then, all the World, obliging Hundreds of Millions of People to submit to unverified yet Vaccines, etc.

    > A Global Financial and Economic Crisis, starting at the USA and damaging Growth, Employement, etc. But, even China, Germany and others currently look better than the USA into getting People back to Work, without the huge Unemployment and Debt seen here...

    > Muslim Mosques mushrooming everywhere, even at the Sacred, Halloweed "Ground Zero" of 9/11's WTC at N.Y. against Victims Families' wish, but with a Presidential onction, (which didn't prevent Al Quaida from shipping Bombs against Synagogues even at Chicago)...

    On the contrary, People saw "No" real "Change", in fact, in many other Issues where they naively expected from Obama, a new era, which never came (at least not yet) :

    - No New, full, efficient and transparent Enquiry on what really happened in WTC's 9/11 Deadly, but too "perfect", vertical collapse, smoother even than classical Controlled Demolitions. Here, the only thing that "changed" was the unexplained yet Airplane Crash which killed (1 week after meeting Obama) one of the Leaders of the "Truth" Movement, Beverly Hills, (wife of an atrociously killed man, among the 1.200 who survived the Airplanes' crash but were trapped in the upper WTC's part by scandalously blocked doors obstructing access to the Flat Scyscraper's Roof, so that -otherwise possible- Helicopter rescue was hindered).

    - Nothing changed in Afghanistan War, except from an increased insistance to keep Troops there, even while deadly Abuses against innocent Civilians notoriously aggravated, as well as Talibans' deadly attacks.

    - On Iraq and Guantanamo it all still goes as it had been scheduled already back in the GWBush times, (with the only exception that he had suggested to close Guantanamo prison earlier)...

    - Poor People's hopes for Free Access to Health Care were left with only a Delayed plan to facilitate buying paid Insurances, of a controversial Cost for the Federal Budget, while nothing was really done yet to reduce increasingly Expensive Medical Prices, (the last point remaining a problem also for other Countries abroad, it's true). Delayed for 3 Years after the 2008 Presidential Election (despite a large DP Majority in the House since 2006), Obama's 2010 Health Reform postpones again its main effects for ..after 2014, i.e. after the Next, 2012 Presidential Elections, and it wouldn't be completed but only a Decade later, on .. 2019 ! More than 23 Millions of People would remain (in the Richest Country in the World : in the U.S.), totally Unprotected and Uninsured on Human Health issues, even ..a Decade after Obama's Reform : even after 2019 ! (This includes more than 6% of U.S. Citizens or Legal Residents, which will, indeed remain totally unprotected and Uninsured from birth up to 65 years of age, IF they ever have a chance to "survive" until then).. Abandon People even gravely suffering and/or dying on pretext that they couldn't buy an Insurance, in principle cannot happen in most other Developed Countries around the World, i.e. in almost all EU Countries (from Sweden to France and the UK, etc), nor in Russia, China, Canada, Australia or New Zeland, etc...

    - On Education (a big issue) nothing really New was anounced yet.

    - People warn about alleged attempts to aggravate threats against personal Privacy and Freedom of Expression at the Internet, (instead of alleviating risks and restrictions already imposed in the Past)..

    (Etc. +)...

    => For all those reasons, (and much more, for which there is no Time even to mention here), Voters should use the Democratic Chance they have on 2010 to send a strong message to the establishment for the Need to start really respecting People's free choices and some elementary Values.

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