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Discussion in 'Military' started by Gabriella84, Jun 29, 2005.

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    I am wondering why so many people believe patriotism and the willingness to defend your country at any cost is a strictly American attribute.

    It makes me remember a story I was told not too long ago. There was a brave and patriotic young man who, despite being in his late teens, loved his country and what he was taught that it represented. When his country's charismatic leaders talked about the nation being under attack, he joined the military and went off to battle the foreign invaders.
    All wars involve dangers, predominantly the risk of losing your own life. You also have to prepare for the time when you may have to kill someone else. But you do it, because a good soldier follows orders, and fights for the love of his country.

    The soldier I am referring to is my maternal grandfather. He served with the German army on the Eastern Front in 1944-45. Fortunately, he lived to marry, have children, and see his grandchildren.
    There is patriotism everywhere. :eek:
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    Please provide me some quotes where anybody has ever said as much on this board.

    The rest of your story does not impress me.

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