Dear Mr. President, please save our city

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    I tried the whitehouse email but its not getting through.

    Dear Mr. President-

    I still have yet to see definitive word on whether, and if so, when, the Army Corps of Engineers will open the Morganza Spillway. Projections from your own government indicate that if the spillway is opened, hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland and tens of thousands of people in the spillway and surrounding area will be flooded. They also indicate that if the spillway is NOT opened - those same tens of thousands of people will get flooded anyway - and in addition to that, about two million other people will face flooding. This includes up to twenty five feet in the city of New Orleans and flooding in the entire city. This includes the flooding of almost all of Baton Rouge and of almost all the land adjacent to the east bank between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
    This region of Louisiana contains the Ports of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and South Louisiana. The Port of South Louisiana is the largest port by tonnage in the western hemisphere. Half of all U.S grain exports go through this port, and 1/4 of the nation's energy supply originates in, is processed in, or is shipped through this region. So OPEN THE DAMN SPILLWAY. You can either pick between tens of thousands of people flooded - or those same tens of thousands and around 1-2 million more - seems like an obvious choice.

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