Dark Beings in Two Different Fashions

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    For many years, I have always had a fascination with what some may call Dark Entities or Dark Beings. Different mediums, spiritual people, and people interested in spirituality have different perceptions and opinions about them. I have been in virtually every single internet discussion forum one can conceive of from the spiritual forums that deal with Light and Love to the darkest forums where people literally glorify Darkness. I like to think of myself as a junkie, a generalist, and a jack-of-all-trades that is interested in almost everything one can possibly imagine.

    Whatever the differing perceptions and opinions are about Dark Beings, they usually come in two formats. The first format is what I would call the internal viewpoint; in which everything is One and that there is no outside Creator in existence besides All That Is. The second format is what I would call the external viewpoint in which there is a Creator outside All That Is in addition to All That Is.

    From an internal viewpoint, I believe Alloya N. Huckfield explains it the best on her website (Alloya\'s free books) in particular, I recommend downloading the PDF file “Mission of the One Star” as it is free of charge. On a more practical level here on Planet Earth, I find it interesting that a lot of Light Beings tend to underestimate Dark Beings. They see them as being immature, non-evolved, stubborn, and unintelligent creatures. People seem to remember Jesus Christ being crucified but nobody seems to be able to look at it the other way around, such as Dark Beings being crucified by Light Beings. Here on Earth, people who commit violent crimes are severely punished and some executed depending on what country they reside in. But don’t you think from an internal viewpoint, the God Source is trying to experience everything it can possibly experience, in trying to know Itself, discover Itself, and identify Itself, and so this includes that which is Oppositional to Itself (the prior being of Light and Love and the later being of Darkness)? Shouldn’t Dark Entities be rewarded for their courage to take that route, a route that literally mirrors that of a Light Entity being crucified by a world filled with Darkness (Jesus Christ is the perfect example)? Why so much hate towards Dark Beings then if the consensus in the spiritual community is that they are a part of the God Source and that they serve a great purpose (this hate can be noted in my own personal experiences interacting with people on several forums).

    And now on a more differing viewpoint, the external viewpoint, the viewpoint in which it may stir a lot of controversy in the spiritual community. According to Lisa Williams The Survival of the Soul:

    “At the time of their exit, dark souls take a pathway that is different from other souls. They go through the veil to another light and another healing dimension in the Afterlife. Dark souls at this juncture have no choice about where to go, unless they decide to stay earthbound (p 104, The Survival of the Soul).”

    “They are given a guardian, a spirit helper who follows them closely. I suppose the only thing in your world that resembles their path is a prison, but in the Afterlife, they are given support to integrate back into the world after their “term.” They are carefully guided and know that they are being watched at all times (p 104, The Survival of the Soul).”

    “Part of their fate is to return back to earthly existence more quickly than other souls do – but unlike other souls, they’re denied a choice of when to return and which parents to return to. The masters of the Afterlife decide their pathway, assigning to them the best circumstances to help them move forward and continue to be healed (p 105, The Survival of the Soul).”

    According to Sylvia Browne:

    “God didn’t create the negativity, chaos, and evil that characterized the Dark Side. In order fro Him to create those things, part of Him would have to be negative, chaotic, and evil, and we know that’s not true (p 181, The Other Side and Back).”

    “He has beautiful, handsome features and has come in both dark and light coloring, even at times appearing Hispanic, Indian, or Asian – but you always know Him by His stately stance. He is a tall, angular figure with beautiful hands and enormous eyes…and He has never appeared as an old man with a beard.” So God does have a real “physical” form. The problem is that He, unlike Mother God, chooses not to hold it for long because His magnificent strength of being is so strong that to confine it to a singular image or form is almost contradictory to His nature of being all-encompassing and an integral part of the makeup of every creation (p 12, Father God).”

    “…there’s a statue of Her that stands in a high rose garden. She holds a jeweled sword in Her hand. In stature, She seems to be what we might call a Rubenesque woman. She seems to transgress all races, creeds, and denominations. She has burnished reddish hair but has also appeared as Asian, black, Indian, Polynesian, and more (p. 37, Mother God).”

    “Whether She appears as light- or dark-skinned, tall or full-figured, depending on what culture She ascribes to, Azna does appear. And She comes to us more often than any angel or spirit guide and to large bodies of people to give out Her message of hope, love, and even warning (p. 39, Mother God).”

    “No other group of angels does what the Carrions do….who literally grab them and escort them to their own holding place in God’s creation. A Carrion’s only mission is to stand very far back until a dark entity is ready to pass over at death. Carrions were created as a protection for other entities, both in our world and on the Other Side (p. 66, Sylvia Browne’s Book of Angels).”

    “We each have our own angels, but when we call for additional angels to attend us, they will come – all, that is, except for the Carrions. We could ask for Carrions to come until we’re blue in the face, but if we’re white entities, they won’t come near us. Do they love us? Of course they do, but attending to us is not their job, unless we’re dark entities, which is their job to deal with (p. 67, Sylvia Browne’s Book of Angels).”

    So anyways, I suppose I don’t have to go into the details explaining the external viewpoint because the quotes in the above should be self-explanatory. Clearly, there are two different formats to viewing Dark Beings as well as virtually everything else pertaining to spirituality and the afterlife. Some people say that you are the angel and that you are God. Other people say you are not and that you are just similar to God. Some see angels as a separate species from human beings. Talk about the experience of cognitive dissonance! I guess all the different perceptions and opinions are somewhat correct to a certain extent. For example, like father, like son, of course, the son is going to exhibit behaviors like his father. Some would go further and say the son is related to cousins and third cousins. Some would say all of human beings are siblings expanding to the current seven billion people here on Planet Earth. So yes, from an internal viewpoint, everything is related to everything. From an external viewpoint, people do have distinct features that separate each and every individual. I believe Albert Einstein said it best - “A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe’ —a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings, as something separated from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
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    The Master of the afterlife has a place all ready for the "dark beings" It's called the Lake of Fire.
    You'll get a much better understanding of the "dark beings" from the Bible than you will from the imaginings of Sylvia Browne or Alloya N. Huckfield.

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