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Discussion in 'Clean Debate Zone' started by william the wie, Jun 4, 2017.

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    This is not about the Ds being a bunch of crooks or crybabies but rather political incompetents.

    Exhibit one: president Trump. Could he have been elected if Hillary or any of her surrogates had demonstrated even minimal political competence? My answer is no.

    Is greater D competence shown at the state level? Rarely.

    There is the presidential voter fraud commission that has the ear of the USAG that may report this year and will report before the 2018 election. If Sessions has any sense he will craft a public plea deal to avoid arrest and imprisonment that Rs will sign even if not mentioned by the commission and most Ds will not even if they are.

    Similar steps may be taken in regards to state insolvency bail outs.

    Blue wall or purple states are at least 10 times more likely than Red states to hit insolvency or bankruptcy prior to the 2018 elections. That means that loss of tax base will compound existing problems and put the Ds in ever deeper holes.

    So, why is such elementary political incompetence so common in the Democratic party?
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