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    Fastest-Growing Small Towns
    Despite the Great Recession, these places have seen populations pop.
    By Lauren Sherman,
    Dec 9, 2010

    There are certain fields that seem immune to recessionary woes. One is education. Another is sports. And of course, there's the military.

    Fairbanks, Alaska, relies particularly on the last one. Home to the Fort Wainwright and Eielson military bases, median family income in Fairbanks for 2009 was $87,239 and the unemployment rate was just 6.5%, well below the national average of 9.2% for 2009.
    Fastest-Growing Small Towns - Yahoo! Real Estate

    Isn’t military government jobs? We have to do something about this and close the bases and cut government spending.

    Close the Bases — and Cut the Spending
    June 03, 2005

    The frantic reaction to the Pentagon’s plans to close 33 major military facilities demonstrates how heavily government dominates modern life. Most of the reaction had nothing to do with national security. After all, it is Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld floating the proposal. Who is going to believe that he and his boss, President Bush, are weak on the military? On the contrary, they too readily see it as a panacea.
    Close the Bases — and Cut the Spending by Sheldon Richman -The Price of Liberty

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