Cultures are like chemicals; Not all mix together well

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Seeing as our world, and the politics involved, are becoming more of a war between cultures and ideals, I thought I'd throw out a quick analogy to debate and discuss.

    I believe cultures are much like chemicals. Some mix great, some mix with minor consequence, and some mix with horrible endings. Islam, and those proposing Sharia Law worldwide, seem to be part of a culture that mixes well with no one. Everywhere that religion and culture begin to dominate, it is followed by mass violence, torture, rape, murder, oppression, suicide bombings, etc, etc.

    So when one person on another thread compared it to radical Christianity, I thought to compare:

    Radical Christianity these days means putting up a Christmas Tree in a public space; Radicl Islam means blowing up that public place.

    And there you have it. Other cultures, such as hispanic or african american, are quite different but mix well with other cultures. Islamic culture mixes well with none. That culture, if seen as a chemical, would have the highest, most hazardous label of them all.

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