Counterattack In Burma

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    I attended an event in Shibuya a week ago where a Burmese ex-general who now is a VP with a Japanese logistics company that does business with the regime there spoke publicly for the first time about his activities as a general in Burma. It was a bit of a public coming out for him, as he and a very sick, tired Burmese woman had a "moment" on stage.

    This "moment" was him admitting to her and the 200 of us in attendance that he had tortured her son and husband repeatedly 13 years ago, and that her son died first, of malnourishment and blood loss, and that the father died soon afterwards, possibly of a broken heart but more likely of malnourishment and internal bleeding.

    He begged for her forgiveness, and pledged that he hoped she could take heart in at least knowing what had happened once and for all. He'll continue in his role as VP for the company, but now will only work in Japan for fear of reprisals in Burma from the military junta there. He also donated to her and the local Burmese civic group (a very luxury allowed by the Japanese to let that many Burmese in, perhaps about 400 of them, refugees over the past 13-14 years) a grand total of 580,000 yen, around or about $50,000.

    I don't think the woman will last very long, with this kind of heartbreak. Not to mention that what really got both her son and husband started on the path of civil disobedience was the brutal rape of her daughter by police in 1992 after she was detained for attending a democracy really.

    In more Burma news, TIMEASIA had an excellent cover story on Burma this week, with a really good op-ed from Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), which I want to include here.


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