Costs, conflicts arise in Reid push for green power

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    You really need to read the whole article, but in a nut shell Dirty Harry is up to his old tricks. Mark my words, Obama shutting down Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is going to come back to bite the US in the behind. The connection to this story is that I believe Obama was taking care of Dirty Harry. Disgusting what the left does then claims some sort of moral superiority.

    Costs, conflicts arise in Reid push for green power

    Costs, conflicts arise in Reid push for green power - Opinion -

    There's another factor, however, one more personal to Reid: His son, Rory Reid, is one of the attorneys for the ENN Mojave Energy project. A Reid spokeswoman said the senator did not suggest Reid's firm - Lionel, Sawyer & Collins - to ENN, nor has the elder Reid spoken to this son about the deal. (Reid imposed a strict ban on family members lobbying his office in 2003 after the Los Angeles Times asked him about lobbying by three of his four sons.)

    But success for ENN in finding customers helps Rory Reid, and its failure could cost him a client. It's an undeniable conflict that Harry Reid should keep in mind as he twists arms at the PUC and NV Energy, lest he earn himself an ethics complaint.

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