Contiguous land solution

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    The so called occupied territories isnt ever going to work the whole country of Isral is made to look like swiss cheese with pockets of Islamic ghettos in it.
    The map should should be redrawn and the totel equvolant land mass be deeded to the Islamic invaders in jordan and Syria and Lebanon..

    Sephardic Jews in Spain, the Mediterranean, and throughout the Middle East fared better, although both groups shared persecutions and forced expulsions until 1948, when the modern state of Israel was created. An estimated 700,000 Jews living throughout the Arab world were exiled, expelled, or moved to Israel after 1948. Approximately 750,000 Arabs fled Palestine, though whether they were forcibly expelled or encouraged to leave remains a subject of intense controversy. Ilan Pappe, an Israeli political scientist, argues that Jews recently arrived from Europe engaged in a well-planned “ethnic cleansing” campaign, but this view is contested. Israel was established as the national homeland of the Jewish people, whereas the Palestinians—for whom 1948 became known as a cataclysm (nakbah)—became refugees.
    The exodus of the Palestinian population created one of the most enduring refugee situations of the twentieth century. Generations of Palestinians in refugee camps in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon were prohibited from returning to their homes and from settling permanently in the Arab countries where they lived. According to the United Nations Conciliation Commission, the original 750,000 Palestinian refugees swelled into several million, and by December 2005, the World Refugee Survey of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants estimated the total number of Palestinian refugees at about three million. While many Palestinians in 2007 lived in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (together sometimes known as the Occupied Territories) or in Israel, more than half of all Palestinians lived elsewhere as refugees or emigrants. An estimated 10 million Palestinians were divided approximately as follows: 4 million in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 2 million in Jordan, 1.3 million in Israel, 400,000 each in Syria and Lebanon, and the rest dispersed around the world.

    oxford Islamic studies
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