Contessa Brewer v. John Ziegler: Mic cut

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    Contessa Brewer v. John Ziegler: Mic cut

    by Mark Silva

    It could have been filmmaker and radio host John Ziegler's description of MSNBC as "Barack Obama's official network.''

    It could have been Ziegler's objection to the David Letterman bit poking fun at Sarah Pain: No 1 highlight of Palin's trip to New York: "Not appearing on Letterman.'' No. 2: That 'sllutty flight attendant look.''

    It could have been Contessa Brewer's notice of the Gallup Poll survey that found few Republicans identifying any one as a strong spokesman for the GOP -- Palin least among the better-known party faces.

    L.A.'s Ziegler -- producer of Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected -- handed MSNBC some of the blame for that public perception of the GOP: "You find this surprising or shocking that because you and the media portray Republicans as old white men, that the public perceives Republicans as old white men?"

    Whatever it was, Brewer asked to cut his mic.

    Read more about the battle of Contessa Brewer and John Ziegler and see that battle in the video above, courtesy of MSNBC.


    Well folks lookie here, one of the 'Axis of Idiot's get's _ itch slapped. This is great and I'm lovin it!

    David Letterman is trash and the only reason he's on the air is because of the pin head liberals. Just like air-head America.....he'll be gone....just like a fart in the wind.

    MSNBC is daily proving themselves as the official Obama station. They are the State run media.

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