Conservatives do care for Veterans

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Moi, Jan 31, 2004.

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    There may be some who think it's never enough, but I think the record needs to be straightened out about what the convervatives are doing for veterans and what they are not:

    • Kerry Has Missed At Least Two Votes To Help Veterans Since He Began Presidential Run. (S. 1689, CQ Vote #379: Motion Agreed To 59-35: R 51-0; D 8-34; I 0-1, 10/14/03, Kerry Did Not Vote; H.R. 2673, CQ Vote #3: Adopted 65-28: R 44-4; D 21-23; I 0-1, 1/22/04, Kerry Did Not Vote)

    • "President's FY2004 Budget Is The Largest Annual Increase For ... Veterans Affairs Ever Requested ..." ("The President's Budget Briefing Book, FY 2004," The White House, 2/3/03)

    • American Legion National Commander Called President's FY2004 Budget "Substantial Request And A Good Sign From The Administration." (The American Legion, Press Release, 2/4/03)

    • FY2004 Budget Proposal Is 7.4% Increase In Discretionary Funding Over FY2003 Budget. (Department Of Veterans Affairs, Press Release, 2/3/03)

    • FY2004 Budget Proposal Provides $2 Billion Increase In Veterans' Health Care Funding. (Department Of Veterans Affairs, Press Release, 2/3/03)

    • President's FY2003 Budget Requested $1.2 Billion Over FY2002 Veterans' Medical Care. (U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee Website,, Accessed 3/4/03)

    Bush Administration Has Dramatically Reduced Number Of Veterans Waiting For Health Care. "t wasn't too long ago that we had about 300,000 veterans on waiting list, waiting more than six months for care. Today we have that number less than 50,000. Hopefully with the appropriation bill that we'll receive this year, we'll dramatically increase our budget. We'll be able to rapidly approach the point in time where veterans will not have to wait more than 30 days for primary care. We still have a ways to go, Lou, but we're making progress." (Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi, CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight," 11/11/03)

    Number Of Veterans Treated Has Increased Dramatically. "[W]e've increased the number of veterans we have treated over the past three years by 1.2 million. And outpatient visits have increased from 38 million to 50 million. So we're making great progress. And, you know, veterans are eligible. The higher income - we suspended enrollment for veterans with no military disabilities who had higher incomes." (Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi, CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight," 11/11/03)

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