Congress on border: big bill vs. bits

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    There are two ways to go about eating a pie. You can sit down with a fork and settle in for a struggle. Or you can cut it into slices and revisit it over several sittings.

    That's where congressional leaders are now on attempts for a major overhaul of immigration laws.

    Should they wait for the comprehensive package, gambling that some heretofore elusive breakthrough will land on their plates? Or should they slice off what they can, when they can?

    "That's the question everyone is asking right now," said Wendy Sefsaf, a spokeswoman for the Washington, D.C.-based Immigration Policy Center, which advocates a comprehensive approach.

    So far, the Obama administration and Democratic leaders are holding out for one big package. The president acknowledged to Gov. Jan Brewer Thursday that there is frustration about the broken immigration system, but he reiterated his belief that security measures alone aren't a solution.

    The president, who has a reputation as pie aficionado around the capital, said he wants the whole thing when it comes to immigration - better security, penalties for hiring illegal workers, fines and back taxes paid by those here illegally, and a requirement that those who stay must learn English.

    U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva has likewise been holding out for comprehensive change. But given the tenor of the times, he acknowledges being tempted, though not yet persuaded, to grab a couple of quick slices.

    He's not alone. Discussions are under way about breaking out more manageable pieces - such as an agricultural-worker program or one that allows undocumented students to become permanent residents if they came to the country as children - as political down payments for a larger package.

    Congress on border: big bill vs. bits

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