Congolese showcase culture in Botswana

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    During the show, they expressed their way of life, dress sense and showcased their staple food.

    The Congolese take pride in the way they dress therefore the fashion show was organised to appreciate their culture.

    “We are a Latin Colony and because of that we really take caution in how we dress and make sure we look good all the time,” one of the organisers of the event, Max said.

    “To us it’s almost like a religion to look good, but it is not like by looking good and dressing up in all these expensive labels we sideline our African tradition, we do this in a traditional way, we make sure to engage our culture in every way possible”. Max said the type of fashion is called Lasap and one can never find it in either Italy or France and has been a part of their everyday
    lives. Different materials were on display for people to see and even buy if they were interested. Participants walked down the ramp showcasing the different labels they own, be it Versace, Gucci and the likes.

    Sweet potatoes, plantain, fufu were the order of the evening.

    I had to hunt down Congo Fashion Week
    Congo Fashion Week | Home

    And fufu
    Fufu - The Congo Cookbook (African recipes) -

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