Condolences to the Tonado Victims in the South

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    First, our deepest condolences go to the tornado victims who lost their lives in this disaster.

    Loss of around 300 people, complete destruction of countless buildings, broadcasted images of ruin left by the tornado shocked many worldwide.

    As major earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, and tornadoes ravage our planet, it bring all to tears to see so many innocent people left hopeless by these events.

    This year's tornadoes rank 3rd in total damage, after the 1925 Missouri storms that killed 747 people, and the 1974 storms that caused 315 deaths.

    Tornadoes that ravaged Alabama destroyed its power grid, houses, shops, and put entire cities into ruin. In some parts of the state, flash floods caused additional damage which accumulated to unprecedented levels.

    Let us hope that the affected states quickly recover from the damage and that the victims will soon be able to carry on with their normal daily lives.

    Again we send our condolences to the victims and hope that reconstruction efforts take place soon.
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