communist mc cain (R) ??

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    " mc cain took 21,550 dollars from freddie "

    " obama took 126,349 from freddie "

    david asman reporting - fox news oct. 08

    bill klinton (wagging his finger) at demokrats - praised mc cain for fighting republicans on their denial of global warming - then mc cain walked up the the podium with klinton and said he is proud of klinton - 26 sept. 08 = klinton protested the nam war that mc cain served in

    mc cain talked about greed on wall street - then he voted for the first "bail - out " against republican wishes

    mc cain/feingold - illegal and communist law = the first right given to us by our founding fathers was free - "political " speech - these 2 rats took that away from us and bush and the court signed on to it - it is now illegal to place - "political" ads against sitting congressmen and senators 60 days before an election

    2000 election communist strisand stopped singing on stage and told millions on tv that she wanted gore to win so he would pass - campaign finance reform - gore lost - communist mc cain gave babs what she wanted - mc cain/feingold

    2000 election nader ran on a platform of - campaign finance reform - nader lost - communist mc cain gave nader what he wanted - mc cain/feingold

    mc cain accused bush of misleading people into thinking the iraq war was going to be easy = 25 aug. 06 - bush did not do that - mc cain always attacked republicans

    mc cain was the only (R) in the keating 5 = mc cain only worked with communist demokrats

    communist mc cain said if he is elected prez he would consult with rep. john lewis (D) ga. = 11 oct. 08 - when lewis found out what mc cain said - lewis told the media - " mc cain / palin are racists sewing the seeds of hate and division " = mc cain is a disgrace to the republican party

    21 sept. 08 communist mc cain said if he is elected prez he will replace chrmn. cox (R) with cuomo (D) n.y. - thats what we need - more demokrats in charge of our banks

    " i dont like obscene profits being made anywhere " tape of mc cain shown on glenn back - 12 jan 2010

    " you are not as well off today as you were 8 yrs. ago " mc cain attacking bush when he was running against obama - 16 aug 08 & 13 oct. 08

    " america - we are better than these last 8 yrs. " mc cain running for prez against obama as he attacks bushs record - 28 april 08

    " sometimes its hard to be proud of america - we have to be humble and inclusive "(open borders) this is not communist obamas communist wife - this is communist mc cain - 17 june 08

    2 april 09 - communist obama in england said - " america must be humble " mc cain said the same thing on 17 june 08

    " healthcare should be affordable to all - not just to the wealthy " mc cain using marx class envy to give us mc cain care - fox news 29 april 08

    it is against senate rules for communist demokrats to filibuster judge appointees - mc cain and his gang of 14 stopped republicans from stopping demokrats breaking senate rules

    " mc cain praised acorn in 2006 " - fox news 19 oct. 08

    eagleberger on behalf of communist mc cain attacked the christian right to a jewish dinner = 17 mar. 08

    6 may 08 mc cain said he is sad that cities have to defend themselves against illegals because the fed. govt. did not secure the border - he is a leader in open borders

    mc cain and rep. harold ford (D) - i week after 9/11 pressured bush to spend 1 billion dollars to hire iraqis to kill saddam -mc cain working with communist demokrats again - imagine if bush killed saddam with nothing to replace saddams govt. thare would be another failed state with iraq & terrists taking over iraq

    23 may 08 mc cain called illegals - " gods children" - one of mc cains gods children murdered chandra levy after he sexually attacked 2 other women at the same place

    25 april 08 mc cain blamed bush for the mess after katrina - he said nothing about communist demokrat (racist ) nagin - duz mc cain ever attack demokrats ??

    we all know about nagins chocolate city !

    jesse jackson & dodd & obama took 1 million dollars from freddie - mc cain blamed chrmn. cox (R) - 19 sept. 08

    mc cain ralked to la raza - 15 july 08 - this cut tancredo off at the knees - tancredo was the only elected person trying to stop this mexican invasion - rove told tancredo that he was not welcome at the white house anymore= thank you bush - for nothing

    is mc cain a communist ? go to ---> hanoi john <-----

    see mc cain hugging the communist who tortured him = why not hug nazis too ! the only difference between a nazi and a communist -= nazis took pictures

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