Commencing The Global Incomes Redistribution(?)

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    California GOP Senate Candidate, Carleton(?) Fiorina: Is mainly famous for having laid off 28,000 of her workforce, within weeks of the infamous ascendancy. Other infamy was not included, of the more Manzanar Camp tradition. America understands the basic civil right to a pittance, for all!

    Under the tortuously skilled leadership of the Obama Administration, in the matter of Gulf Oil Spill relief: Instead of 28,000 lay-offs paying the bills, instead BP will be paying the bills. A Great Socialist New Spirit can be said to be getting underway, nothing at all like the widely infamous, "Reagan Trajectory," especially as practiced in Bush-Cheney!

    Bank taxes gain traction ahead of G-20 - Jun. 25, 2010

    Famously, the English will freeze the pay rates of the government, and including at the royal level. Famously the English will set a new tax on their part of the Great New Socialist Credit Market, now in our world of plenty and prosperity.

    Millions can recall that banks in the U.S., repaid TARP at 8.5% APR, in less than 18 months.

    Mainly, the "scarcity assumption" of economics was best practiced in the old Soviet Bloc. Scarcity for the masses, and Daschas for the Party Elite: Were just like the Tea Party mantra, and of the mainstream, GOP mantra--which is currrent, even now.

    Famously, Federal GOP actually followed in California Carleton's better(?) side: And cut off the unemployment relief for about 1.0 mil. The Tea Party and Palin concepts of the real world are clearly in play at the GOP, national and local levels.

    Anyone notices that US GOP is not an up-to-date, level of folk. So far the Spanish have even noted: That subsequent the Greek crisis(?)--the one about money--that Europe now has the Great Socialist mechanisms in place, should something else arise.

    Great Socialist China can let its currency float, at the prospect of a Widespread Wealth Worldwide: A general economics of abundance. Even Jewish Jesus had promised the concept, shown in famous John, 10::10, KJV. Like her fellow-traveler Meg, (who might in fact, really, kick Carleton in the crotch): Carleton is not quite yet up to speed, in the modern, socialist, business world. Even California gubernatorial candidate, Meg has the famous, website "plan" for California. That, just coincidentally, seems to be a fund-raiser mailng list!

    Wealth is of the abundance of the planet, and spreading it around is incomes-based!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (A timely note to get Her Majesty's, "World Class" team: Back into the ball game, as maybe they say it, for next year!)
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