Clinton Tries To Soften Image

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    As with the eight years of Bill it is all about how the Clintons can fool the voters today

    It is all about putting on a show, and nothing about substance

    The Huffington Post

    Thomas B. Edsall
    The Huffington Post
    Softening Hillary's Image Takes

    With the January 3 Iowa caucuses fast approaching, Hillary Clinton is now being forced to publicly disguise hardball opposition research and other bare-knuckled combat tactics, leaving visible only bland themes portraying her as a loving daughter and warm mother.

    A series of risky moves by the Clinton campaign earlier in December provoked a hostile public reaction, as aides raised the issue of Barack Obama's past cocaine use and mocked Obama's kindergarten ambitions to be president. Clinton herself announced plans to attack Obama on December 3 with the boast, "now the fun begins."

    The campaign's current shift towards showcasing Clinton's warm and fuzzy side precludes, at least through the January 8 New Hampshire primary, any brutal staff shake up which would highlight the rough side of the Clinton operation, according to campaign sources.

    Sources inside the campaign have voiced criticism of Clinton's chief adviser, Mark Penn, contending that he designed a strategy more appropriate for an incumbent seeking re-election than for a candidate in a wide-open primary competition. Penn, campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe and others all said, however, that for the moment, Penn's position is secure.

    The tensions within the campaign, which have reportedly boiled over into harsh exchanges between Penn and Communications Director Howard Wolfson, are widely seen as likely to enhance the influence of long-time Clinton loyalist Harold Ickes. Ickes has not, at least until now, publicly been among those at the top of the campaign pyramid, which includes Penn, media consultant Mandy Grunwald, Wolfson and campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle.

    However, the campaign's currently tethered circumstances mean that it is unlikely there will be public staff changes. Clinton campaign aides have also privately voiced frustration at how those same circumstances have rendered them unable to make full and open use of their aggressive skills at a time when Hillary's bid for the nomination have lost momentum.

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