Christmas giving.. altruism.. "bah humbug"???

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    "Altruism", "Christmas gift giving"... ah... how wonderful!

    Al-tru-ism : unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

    How many times have you heard.. "I just love giving Christmas gifts"!

    So is "Altruism" and "gift giving" one and the same?

    Operative words in both "unselfish" and "love of giving"!

    So what seems to be in common with both?
    The "feeling" of doing something "unselfish" or "giving" is the end result.

    This "feeling" is the objective then?

    So folks.. just as in the economy where someone has taken some of their time to produce a good or service and offers in exchange to someone who
    wants that good or service.. there is an EXCHANGE!!

    I want the "feel good" experience by giving a Christmas gift to you!

    I exchange something of value to you and expect nothing more in exchange
    then it MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!

    So in this Christmas time celebrating Christ's birth let's remember why
    CHRIST came and died and rose again!
    It certainly didn't provide Him a "feel good" moment!
    And being the Son of God... what would there be in exchange for the
    temporary extreme pain and suffering He went through so valuable?

    I may have the answer at some time.

    So when giving a Christmas gift think about how it makes you feel!

    You are exchanging a material object in most cases that required you to spend part of your life earning $$ to buy etc., for what?
    A moment, a period of..of.. of "feeling good"?

    Then remember the real purpose of Christmas... a true gift with absolutely NO strings attached ... to my knowledge!!!

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